Siege! – Medieval Siege Society

Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May 10am - 5pm

Adults £14, Over 65s £12.50, Under 18s £ 10, Family £42, Under 5s £0. 10% off when booked on-line in advance!

Villainy is afoot and Hedingham Castle is under threat!

Choose your allegiance and rally your fellow supporters as the Medieval Siege Society returns to mark the anniversary of the siege of Hedingham Castle by the dastardly King John.

Following the arming of the knights there will be a swashbuckling set-piece battle and desperate skirmishes making up the most authentic medieval battle this side of the 15th Century!

Meander amongst the bustle of the camp where you will experience a unique taste of life in the high medieval period, warts and all. You’ll also be able to test your weapon skills at the archery range.

Even the most grizzled of soldiers needs to unwind after a hard day’s bloodshed and, of course, there is a lighter side to camp life for you to explore.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet the magnificent birds of prey from Coda Falconry, dance round the maypole to celebrate the coming of summer and take a leisurely donkey ride around the ancient Norman Keep.

Grown-ups will have plenty to keep them amused too – there will be craft stalls and traders, and lots of delectable food stalls.

10:00 Living History Begins

10:30 Colchester Waits

10:45 Jester
11:00 Trebuchet Display

11:15 Maypole

11:30 Gunnery Display
12:00 Battle
12:30 Falconry Display
1pm Archery Demonstration

1pm Jester

1:45 Maypole
2pm Trebuchet
2pm Colchester Waits

2:30 Men at Arms

2:45 Maypole
3pm Falconry Display

3:30 Muster
3:30 Colchester Waits

3:45 Jester
4:00 Battle


Castle & Camp Castle
Lower Field Castle

Lower Field Lower Field Arena Drive Arena Castle Lower Field Castle Arena Castle Arena Arena Castle Castle Arena

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