Jousting with Destrier! | Hedingham Castle Essex

Sunday 4th and Monday 5th Jousting with Destrier! – Sold Out! 10.00 to 5.00 Adults £12.50, Children £9.00, Families £37.00

Jousting with Destrier has sold out except for people with pre-bought and super season tickets.

For the very first time at Hedingham Castle, the Knights of Destrier!

Clad in classic 15th century armour and mounted on feisty warhorses, the Knights are ready for the ultimate test – the tournament! Wearing real steel, they do battle as did the knights of old. At closing speeds of up to 40 mph, they shatter their lances, wood on metal!

And among them, all the bustle and excitement of a medieval fair, with Archery, Jonathan de Hadleigh, Jester to the Castle, The Medieval Archer, Blondel Renaissance Wind Band, the Maypole and the Birds of Prey! With craft stalls, a variety of food vendors, Donkey Rides, Face Painting and the Castle Bar, it’s a full day of excitement, involvement and thrilling spectacle!

No dogs are allowed at this event because the birds of prey may attack them.

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