Hedingham History

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our first Hedingham Castle blog.. and to the castle, our magical and historic family home in the heart of Essex.  The castle is a remarkable place with nearly 900 years of recorded history and we are so pleased to be able to share it with our community and guests from near and far.

The stories of living in a place like this are often a surprise for people when I tell them about my typical week, and how we run around looking after the heritage and the buildings, so I thought I would tell you some anecdotes on life as a chatelaine!

We have been here for 15 years but the family company was established 886 years ago! Obviously we have changed our brand a little over the years – not so much war-ing, sucking up to kings, and running the government funds goes on these days  – which is of course a rather good thing as so far Jason and I have not lost our heads due to backing the wrong politics unlike some of our less lucky ancestors! We are now able to live in our family home without the fear of invasion too, and actually welcome our visitors with open arms.. how times have changed!

All the weddings, events, and filming and Jason’s art dealing and my small architectural practice go to ensuring that the house is being restored and that we as a family can live here.  We are then able to take great pleasure in sharing what we have with local and national charities and the local schools etc.  The castle has always been a central figure in the community and long may that last.

The castle is, though, like living with a rather demanding great aunt who always wants something else.  I can’t remember the number of times over the last 15 years that I have thought we would do certain projects in the year and realising by the end of December that we have just achieved a whole different list of urgent things!  I have got used to it and in many respects, the days run in a similar way.  No two days are alike either – sometimes it’s cleaning the loos and other times it is greeting Matt Le Blanc from friends – more of that later!

We have 3 children, Natasha who is 15 going on 18 and Anthony and Thomas who are 13 going on 8 and still want to play with sticks a lot!  They are all at school and have created their own special brand of chaos and excitement in the place – apparently, adults can’t see ghosts but children can – or they might be very good storytellers..

I look forward to telling you more stories, both from history and the present day in due course.  In the meantime wrap up and enjoy the winter and come and see our beautiful snowdrops if you can get out of the house on a Sunday… it is so worth it.

Tootle pip x


Demetra Lindsay – Owner